1. DraftSight
  2. Dumaco: A One-Stop Metalworking Shop

Dumaco: A One-Stop Metalworking Shop

Dumaco leverages both DraftSight and SOLIDWORKS better to serve its customers' 2D and 3D needs.


Provide solutions for sheet metal and pipe work, including programming laser cutter machines and press breaks, while ensuring ease of use and knowledge sharing among employees.  


Dumaco, a metalworking company with over 700 employees and seven locations, uses SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and DraftSight 2D CAD to provide solutions for all sheet metal and pipe work. Dumaco is satisfied with both programs because they are easy to use, easy to share knowledge, and achieve what they want to do very quickly. 

  • DraftSight is more cost effective than other CAD vendors and fully compatible with DWG files, making it a viable alternative for users who need to collaborate with other CAD users or work with legacy DWG files.
  • Dumaco can effectively serve all its customers regardless of their software by using DraftSight and SOLIDWORKS together. 
  • The integration of DraftSight with SOLIDWORKS using the same network license manager enables the company to add DraftSight licenses to existing network license pools.