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DraftSight Offers Flexible CAD Licenses

Frustrated with your current provider that keeps increasing the CAD license price?
Discover flexible licensing plans that keep your productivity at
a high-level, without increasing your CAD license cost.
Other CAD Providers are Reducing Licensing Options

Other CAD Providers are Reducing Licensing Options

This change will impact companies using network licensing, as they will now have to purchase individual licenses for all users, increasing costs substantially.

For example: a team of 30 previously relying on 6 network licenses now will need to purchase 30 individual licenses.

DraftSight offers flexible network solutions for your team's needs.

Making the Switch from Another CAD to DraftSight

Why Use DraftSight? DraftSight offers flexible licensing options, allowing you to pool your network seats to keep your team properly licensed while maximizing resources.

DraftSight looks, feels, and performs like other CAD software, so you can transition smoothly and keep your productivity level up. Read the eBook on making the switch today and learn everything you need to know to be productive and transition quickly.

DraftSight Licensing


  DraftSight Professional DraftSight Premium DraftSight Enterprise Other CAD Provider
Comprehensive 2D Drafting, Drawing, Documentation, and Annotation
Yes Yes Yes Yes
External Drawing and Image References
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Dimensioning
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced DWG Comparison
Yes Yes Yes Yes
PDF Underlay and Export
Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNG Import and Underlay
Yes Yes Yes Yes
API’s (C++, C#, VB.net, VBA, JavaScript)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Macro Recording
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Trim
Yes Yes Yes  
Image Tracer: Convert Raster Images to DWG
Yes Yes Yes  
G-Code Generator Yes Yes Yes  
Layer Preview Yes Yes Yes  
TB Layers Yes Yes Yes  
ToolBox Yes Yes Yes  
Parametric Constraints   Yes Yes Yes
3D Solid, Surface and Mesh Modeling   Yes Yes Yes
3D Navigation (Orbit, ViewCube, Wheel)   Yes Yes Yes
Sheet Set Manager   Yes Yes Yes
PDF Import for One File or Batch   Yes Yes  
Network Licenses Available with Enterprise Options     Yes  
check  Functionalities are available in Premium and Enterprise Plus only.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Expand access, reduce your CAD license cost, without sacrificing productivity with DraftSight.

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