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Landscape Architecture

Bringing creative and sustainable design solutions to life

Designing the Landscape in DraftSight

The landscape architecture field is growing at a rapid pace. The need for planning and developing new and existing landscapes for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces remains high. However, new eco-friendly practices and trends like evidencebased design are driving the need for more sophisticated design and drafting tools.

Why should Landscape Architects choose DraftSight?

  • A trusted 2D design and drafting solution with a familiar user interface
  • Develop all things landscaping; from grading and drainage to layout and material plans and everything in between
  • Leverage the power of THE ultimate editor for DWG files


DraftSight 2D CAD is Your Key to Developing Modern, Functional, and Sustainable Landscapes

Visualizing Planting Plans in 2D

Visualizing Planting Plans in 2D

  • Draw planting lines with familiar tools
  • Variety of hatch patterns to choose from
  • Create various tree blocks
  • Create dynamic blocks
  • Label planting plans
Grading & Drainage Planning Abilities

Grading & Drainage Planning Abilities

  • Visualize how the site will drain
  • Image Tracer tool produces drawings fast
  • Text Styles set standard scales and fonts
  • Draw in flow lines and arrows

Details & Dimensioning

  • Create Layout and Material Plans
  • Build construction details
  • Auto Dimensioning speeds up the process
  • Mouse Gestures increases efficiency
DraftSight Landscape Architecture

Advanced 2D drafting and 3D design

  • Save time with a powerful PDF Import tool that enables you to import and batch process multiple pages

  • Effortlessly manage large drawing sets with Sheet Set Manager  
  • Create 3D Solids, Meshes, and Faces, or convert your 2D designs into 3D



DraftSight Landscape Architecture

Extending DraftSight with the Power of Cloud Collaboration

  • Online Document Management, storage and collaboration
  • Markup, review, and share files, all in the cloud
  • Centralize communication and dashboards for all team members



Optimal Tools for Landscape Architects