How much does CAD cost?

Pricing for CAD software varies based on the number of users and the features you need. Individuals can pay anywhere from $50 to $600 per year, while larger organizations can pay anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 per year. It’s easy to see why many people go in search of free CAD drawing software, but keep in mind that it has its downsides.

What are the pros and cons of free CAD software?

The biggest advantage of free CAD software is its cost: nothing! It may also offer the tools you need, especially free CAD software for beginners, students, hobbyists, or individual contractors. However, businesses small and large may find it doesn’t have enough features.

Free 2D CAD software often has very limited storage space, especially considering the large file formats many CAD users need. It may not be able to view, edit, and manage the file types you need, like DWG and DXF files. And it may have too few seats – often just one.

Where can I get free CAD software?

A quick internet search will show that you can find plenty of free CAD software online. But before you download and go, make sure it has the features you need. That’s why DraftSight offers a 30-day free trial, with no payment information required. Once you experience our intuitive UI and powerful tools, you’ll forget all about free CAD software.

What is the best free CAD software?

The best free CAD software depends on your needs. Check to see if the option you’re considering has the seats, features, and tools you want, and that there is no time limit to the free contract. You’ll also want to consider your operating system. Both paid and free CAD software for PC is also common as many businesses that use it operate on Windows. If you need free CAD software for Mac, a cloud-based option may be your best bet, although they often have storage and seat limitations.

For businesses, paid CAD software is often a better bet. DraftSight Professional and Premium versions run on both PC and Mac, while 3DEXPERIENCE® lets you connect your data to the cloud.

General Questions

How can I look up my license key?

Where can I find troubleshooting information for common issues in DraftSight?

Please visit below DraftSight community wiki page for troubleshooting information for common issues in DraftSight :

Is the Free Version of DraftSight still available?

No, the DraftSight free offer has ended.

What are the different DraftSight packages available for purchase?

Refer below page from DraftSight website for different DraftSight packages and feature comparison:

Can I try DraftSight for free?

Yes, you can download and start a 30-day free trial of DraftSight Premium here:

Is HomebyMe add-in available in DraftSight Mac version?

Currently, DraftSight Mac version does not have HomeByMe add-in available

How does DraftSight compare to AutoCAD?

DraftSight Standard, Professional and Premium provide similar functionality compared with AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT®.

How do I find out when a new version is available?

When a new version is available for Download the Home panel of the Task pane in DraftSight is updated with a notice of the new version being available to download.

The latest version is always available to download at

I’m a student, is there a DraftSight student edition offer?

If you are a student DraftSight Professional is an affordable option available as a 12-month subscription. Visit to purchase.

If you’re an educational institution, DraftSight offers Enterprise Plus for Education, which consists of Classroom Packs and Campus Packs. To purchase, please contact your reseller or visit to request a quote.

Is DraftSight ImportPDF function supported in DraftSight Standard and Professional packages?

No, ImportPDF feature is not available in DraftSight Standard and Professional. PDFImport function is included in DraftSight Premium, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages. Standard and Professional users can purchase separate plugin (PDF Import Neo for DraftSight) to add this feature in their installation.

If I have DraftSight Professional, can I upgrade to Premium or downgrade to Standard?

You’re able to upgrade at any time to DraftSight Premium by purchasing a new subscription online, or to DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus by contacting your reseller to purchase (subscription or non-subscription). At this time we do not offer downgrade ability. Visit to upgrade.