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Page Layout Manager

The DraftSight 2023 release includes one of our users' most requested features. The new Page Layout Manager will save you time setting up your print or plot settings. Instead of creating and managing an external print configuration file, you can save all your print or plot parameters in a named setup that is saved inside your drawing or template file. 

Annotation Monitor

DraftSight’s associative dimensioning tool is a fantastic way to make sure your dimensions update whenever your geometry changes. But sometimes these associative dimensions become disassociated from their entities. DraftSight 2023 addresses this issue with the introduction of the new Annotation Monitor feature. When it’s enabled, any dimension that has lost its association will display a small, yellow, warning icon next to the offending dimension.  

Contextual Ribbon Tab

Access to the commands you need for your current workflow has been made easier in DraftSight 2023 with Contextual Ribbons. Now, instead of a dialog box cluttering your editor, the Ribbon will display a new, active tab that is appropriate for your current task.

HomeByMe Improvements

DraftSight has provided an add-in for years that acts as a bridge between a HomeByMe project and a functional 2D CAD drawing. That interface has been updated in 2023 to provide a more intuitive user experience. And the underlying program architecture has been completely revamped to give our customers even greater functionality.

Cycling Selection

Have you ever struggled with selecting the correct entity when multiple items are either on top of each other or within extremely close proximity? Most people have been frustrated by this situation on occasion. We’re happy to provide a solution in DraftSight 2023 with the all-new Cycling Selection feature.

Data Extraction Wizard

DraftSight 2023 lets you dig deep into your drawing files to gather critical information. And we made it as easy as stepping through a Wizard to find and use that valuable data. The new EXTRACTDATA command can be found in the Tables panel of the Annotate tab in the Ribbon Menu. And of course, if you prefer, you can type it into the Command Window.  

DraftSight Features

Feature Comparison


  Professional Premium Enterprise
Enterprise Plus
Essential Tools  
Draw tools (Line, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Table, Hatch, Cloud, Block...)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Modify tools (Move, Copy, Rotate, Array, Scale, Trim, Chamfer, Split...)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Layer, Block, Group, Print
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drawing Standards and Templates
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Polyline Editing
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hatch Layer
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discarding Duplicate Entities
Yes Yes Yes Yes
SVG scalable icons for HD displays
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hairline option for printout
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Layer Preview
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Block - Redefine Base Point
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Productivity Tools  
Mechanical Toolbox (BOM, Revision Table, Hardware, Holes, Welding/ Surface/Finish Symbols...) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Design Resources Library Yes Yes Yes Yes
Batch Printing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drawing Compare Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Dimensioning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Dimensioning Arrangement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Trim Dimension Extension Lines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thumbwheel on the Dimension Palette Yes Yes Yes Yes
Right Click to Select Arrow Heads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Split Dimension Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mass Properties Calculations   Yes   Yes
Auto-Completion Commands Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quick Input Methods Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pack and Go Yes Yes Yes Yes
Publish to DWF Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dark Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spline Enhancements Yes Yes Yes Yes
Associative Patterns Yes Yes Yes Yes
PDF Import   Yes Yes Yes
Premium Tools  
3D Tools   Yes   Yes
2D Constraints   Yes   Yes
Interoperability Tools  
Dynamic Blocks Viewing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Blocks Editing   Yes   Yes
Create & Edit Custom Blocks   Yes   Yes
LISP Automation (AutoLISP, Visual LISP support) Yes Yes Yes Yes
3DExperience Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
3DExperience Marketplace Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
HomeByMe Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
3D Content Central Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
SOLIDWORKS PDM, Electrical Connectors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sheet Set Manager   Yes   Yes
Enterprise Options and Support  
Network license option     Yes Yes
Technical support     Yes Yes
Community Forum Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
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